Saturday, June 25, 2016

Warlord Open Games Day: F&IW Game Two

Game two of Black Powder on Saturday morning started much the same as the previous Friday night game. We had 6 players again; I had command of the the three Light Infantry units manning the breastworks and The Boy (The Baron's son, Marshal) graciously accepted command of the same units he led in the Friday night game, the French left flank. 

Here are two previous posts for a refresher on the scenario, etc:

The French forces advanced all along the line, shifting their Regulars to the right and moving through the Coureur skirmishers to put pressure on the British breastworks. The ensuing fight for the breastworks became the focal point of this contest, while the British-allied Indians held off their French counterparts on the British left flank.

The British defenses staved off two waves of assaults, losing the Colonial skirmishers and rushing the Grenadiers to the vacated left side of the breastworks.

The game was so closely-run that both sides reached their break point at nearly the same time. . . the British lost only because the "broken" rule kicks in at the beginning of the next turn after break point is reached and it was the British turn!

Next up. . . Game Three.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Back from Warlord Open Games Day!

I agreed to put on a game of Black Powder - several games, actually - at the Warlord Open Games Day in Oklahoma City last weekend. The Baron agreed to help run the games since he has more Black Powder experience than I do. He had only one request. . . stop on the way to Oklahoma City for the Fried Pies that Lead Addict recommended. Of course we stopped. And ate fried pies. Several, in fact. The weekend was off to a rockin' 100-degree start.

With help from The Baron and The Boy, we got set up in time to run the first game at 8pm, Friday night, even with the quick shuffle forced on us after we discovered, despite my packing lists and double checking, I'd left 3 critical terrain tiles behind at home in Minnesota. Luckily I packed a few extra so we were able to rearrange a few tiles and create a workable layout, but astute viewers may notice the terrain doesn't quite match the map from a couple posts ago!

Here are the previous two posts for a refresher on the scenario, etc:

Here are the French forces as they arrive from the South:

Here is the British position as viewed from the North:

We had 3 players on each side, with The Boy taking one of the French commands while I played the British-allied Indians on the British left flank. It was a close game, but the British Indians never really got into the fight and eventually the larger French units were able to force the British defenders from the breastworks. So we made two changes for the remaining games: we deployed the British Indians farther into the woods so they could get into the action more quickly, and we raised the defense factor of the units in the breastworks from 1 to 2. Both changes proved to be good ones in the following games.

Here are the photos from Game One. Games Two and Three will follow in later posts. Enjoy!

A note on markers used. . . We used a white D4 per unit to track "hits," and switched to a red D4 when the unit became "shaken." The white cotton "smoke" denotes "disorder."


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ready to Roll!

Nothing left to do save load the van full of 54mm goodness and head south for The Baron and Oklahoma City! Warlord Open Games Day is Friday and Saturday. . . actually I guess that's two open game days. Bonus!

The Baron has been playing Black Powder in preparation while I finished the models. Here are some photos of the troops I completed this past weekend.

This is less than a third of the number of soldiers we'll have on the table this weekend. Black Powder features different unit sizes; Standard size will have 10 models, Small 5 and Large 15. I made individual stat cards for each unit:

Come see us this weekend in Oklahoma City. . . it'll be fun!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Next up: Warlord US Open Games Day

Two weekends ago I moved a pile of mulch, the equivalent of 250 bags, from our driveway to our various plant beds, one wheelbarrow-full at a time. I rewarded myself the following weekend by prepping the bases of 60 more French and British soldiers, in lieu of any more yard work, as the Great 54mm Re-Basing continues. I know; to each our own motivations.

I am re-basing another 60 soldiers in preparation for the Warlord: Open Games Day in Oklahoma City the weekend of June 17th where I'll be taking my F&IW project to play some Black Powder, Warlord's horse and musket rules. Black Powder is more of a "big battle" ruleset than skirmish-level, so I think it important to feature some straight linear firefighting between the European Regulars as well as the more expected colonial irregulars.

I found an appropriate scenario in a new Osprey book I just bought (and recommend!):

 As described within, the battle at La Belle Famille is a meeting engagement in a clearing between two predominately Regular forces and their Native allies. In the actual battle, the British arrive before the French and set an ambush from which the French can't recover. I am changing the chronology a bit so that both forces start with light troops on the table screening the near simultaneous arrival of the Regulars on opposite ends of the road. The start of the game will look something like this:

I don't have a lot of hands-on experience with Black Powder, so The Baron has agreed to be my Co-GM for the Day. Thanks, man. Road trip!

Come see us at Warlord: Open Games Day in Oklahoma City the weekend of June 17th!